Walking home

“We are all just walking each other home”*

*This title comes from a book of the same name by Ram Das.

My imagination and concept of love has much changed these last few years.

I’d like to show you through these two short stories of friendship-love from beautiful long trails I walked in Scotland last year.

This first story picks up where my blog “Carried: Finding strength when you’ve none left” ended.

April 2018, Day 4 of the Cape Wrath Trail.

It was day 4 of my 16 day trek of the Cape Wrath Trail. I’d just finished the 30 km walk from Clunnie to Kintail, when I realised I had an additional 5 km road section to walk to get to my accommodation and to meet my friend.

My only focus had been getting to the road. That was enough. It was all I had the capacity for.

On the hill I’d fleetingly imagined that Lindsay would pick me up or that I could hitch hike. But now I’m here I’ve no phone signal. And there’s nothing. No one.

My flat, throbbing feet search for the soft cushioning of grass amidst what has become tarmac hell.

I plod on and pass a caravan park. Ah yes!  I’ll meet some folks from the caravan park who’ll give me a lift.

A couple come into view, walking towards me. As they get closer I notice more:  They’re maybe in their 50s but with an age defying outdoor glow. Sports casual – he in chinos and she in jeans, both fleece clad, walking a small dog. They must be staying at the caravan park. They must have a car.

“You look tired”, they greet me. “Have you come a long way?”

I tell them my route and acknowledge I’m tired, trying to look even more pathetic.

Pity me. Pity me. Offer me a lift.

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