6. Testimonials

Shona Macpherson

Gosia, Inverness, 30

I’ve struggled with my weight and body image since my teens. After my 30th birthday I made a decision to take as good a care of my body, as of my brains 🙂 I started looking for a personal trainer, but I knew it’d have to be someone unique, someone who would not only train my body, but also help me change my thinking. I found that with Shona.

She’s friendly, but still challenges me to give 110%. She’s flexible with her approach and always recognises how to best spend our session (we’ve had sessions when I was so demotivated I just couldn’t face any training so we just sat down and talked it through and that helped so much, so so much). She helped me not only recognise, but also understand my bad habits when it comes to eating, so it’s been so much easier to change them. And most of all, she showed me that physical activity can be fun, that it doesn’t have to be a struggle, and even if sometime it is, it’s totally worth it in the end.

And a small bonus, a cherry on top I’ve lost over 2 stone by now and have just bought size 10 jeans and that feels amazing 😀

Penny, Inverness, 32

Shona is compassionate and patient and her enthusiasm is unmatched. My programme was challenging, energetic and never boring. I always felt positive and empowered after a session with Shona and the experience has made me feel a hundred times better about myself. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Marie, 54, Nairn

I first came to see Shona on the recommendation of a friend. I’d developed Plantar Fasciitis and had to give up high impact training. I felt out of shape and needed a new regime to safely rebuild my fitness. Shona’s holistic style has helped me watch my diet and nutrition and her programmes have increased my core and overall body strength. I never thought could deadlift 70kg but now I can! With a busy life and demanding job I often arrive at Shona’s feeling tired but leave an hour later totally energised. Shona is never reproachful and is always encouraging and supportive.  Thanks to her I feel better than ever.

Chloe, 37, Inverness

I’ve always had a fairly active lifestyle, but a couple of years ago, I’d got out of the habit and found myself feeling sluggish, out of shape and demotivated. I wanted to get back into a routine of exercising regularly. I met Shona through work and really liked her manner, so I signed up for a few months of weekly (and sometimes twice-weekly) sessions. I really liked the fact that she has a home gym, so it felt very private.

We did more strength work than cardio, and I found this got better results as well as being more fun. Shona listened to what I wanted and advised on nutrition as well as exercise. I really enjoyed the sessions as they were so varied – we’d do lots of different things like tyre flips and boxing sessions in the garden, as well as plenty of squats, weights and press-ups.

Working with Shona was brilliant as it helped me get back into the swing of exercising, and taught me about pushing myself to achieve results. It was loads of fun, too!

Wendy, London

I took to Shona immediately. She understood what I needed to achieve and planned realistic goals for me. It became apparent, I had a weakness in my lower back and much of my training was focused on building this up. Shona went the extra mile and provided information which lead to changes in my nutrition – such as I need to eat a bigger breakfast! My sessions were varied and I’ve noticed an improvement in my posture. My clothes feel looser and I felt more toned. I’ve never had a personal trainer before and I really enjoyed the experience with Shona.

Karin, London

I was a gym member for over a year without really actively going as I just couldn’t motivate myself. I decided to invest in a personal trainer in the 3 months before my wedding. I was lucky to meet Shona and she was there for me every step of the way! Thanks to her, I know how to use the machines as well as the weights in the gym and not just looking at them as foreign objects. Shona is just not a great personal trainer but also an amazing person!

Katy, London

A group of us at work had decided we wanted to do more exercise, and so decided to club together and find a personal trainer for a weekly lunch hour session. Shona was perfect. She kept the sessions varied and interesting whilst giving us time to learn the moves and get comfortable. Sessions were intense and I really felt I’d achieved something at the end. I really enjoyed exercising outdoors and pushing myself to do more. Shona, please come back to London!

Debbie, London

I like to exercise but find it hard to get motivated, so joining a group and having a trainer encouraging me to push that bit harder was really great. Shona is great at motivating and made the workout fun as well making sure everyone worked at their level of fitness so no one felt left out. I loved aching for the next few days, it really made me feel I’d done something!