“The Unstuckifed Retreat – Is it airy fairy and for a bunch of hippies?'”

The retreat venue at Forse, Caithness.
The retreat venue at Forse, Caithness.

She sits her coffee cup back in its saucer and looks serious.⁣
“Don’t be offended Sho…” she starts.⁣

She’s a friend and she’s been through a hell of a year, I care about her. What have I done? ⁣

I’m surprised, she’s interested in my May Unstuckifed retreat.⁣
And then she lists all the things that put her off taking action and booking.⁣

“…But when I look at your sales page, you all look and sound like a bunch of hippies and mung bean eaters! And is everyone really fit? There’s no way I’d want to swim in the sea!⁣ And it scares me not knowing exactly what you do on the retreat.⁣ And I’d be scared that I’d be different to everyone else.⁣
⁣I like the idea of it. I’d love to get space and time to work a few things out. But I just don’t know if I’d fit in. I don’t know if I’d gel with the group.”⁣

My heart both sinks and rises. I realise I’m doing my retreat an injustice. She’s been put off by barriers that I didn’t realise were there. And I’m so glad she’s had the guts to tell me.⁣

She adds: “I’m not interesting in being all ‘airy fairy’. I’m a grounded down to earth person. I’m a working Mum who just needs to get herself back on track. I know I need to look after myself.”⁣

And so over the next few days I’m going to answer her heart felt questions about the retreat. Here’s the first:⁣

Is the Unstuckified retreat for a ‘type’ of woman? Is it all ‘airy fairy’?⁣

No – it’s for everyday folk who want to get away so they can have mind space to explore how they can get unstuck. ⁣
The youngest person has been 24 and the most senior has been 70. ⁣
(Mung beans and hemp are optional but I’ve never seen either on retreat!).⁣
The content of the retreat isn’t airy fairy at all – rather my work is influenced by the scientifically evidenced work of Acceptance Commitment Therapy. And we still leave space for fun, imagination and the quiet wisdom of nature.⁣

(More responses to her questions in another mini blog. In the meantime my Unstuckified Retreat is in Scotland on the 22 -25th May. Let me know if YOU have any questions.

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