Unstuckified Retreat⁣.

Faces of ladies at the retreat.
Joyous retreat faces.

6 January, 1999. Inverness.

When I sit at my computer and think about how to ‘market’ my work, my energy dries up. Instead I want to be ⁣outside moving. Or I want to be connecting with someone in the real world. Or ideally both. ⁣

So instead I time travel…. to Monday 25th May 2020. It’s the last day of the Unstuckified Retreat. ⁣

I’m sitting in the first floor lounge of Forse House in Caithness. Sunshine’s pouring through the large window panes and soon we will be outside on the big lawn. ⁣

I see the faces of 12 women. We’re sharing brunch before we part. As I gaze at their faces and hear the background music of chatter I feel waves of joy and pride wash over me. Then waves of connection and love.⁣

Each of these women have trusted their intuition, and Lindsay and I, enough to come here on retreat. ⁣Amidst their busy lives they’ve chosen to pause and to let go of control for a few days. ⁣

They’ve worked with me on questioning unhelpful thoughts and clarifying their values. They’ve mapped out how they can live more in alignment with their values. We’ve dreamed together and shared our visions. We’ve stretched and moved our bodies on yoga mats and outdoors in the house grounds. ⁣

Each of us came with own story and each of us leaves with maps for new ones. ⁣

It feels real and messy and exciting and there’s no where I’d rather be and on one I’d be rather be doing it with.⁣

My Unstuckified Retreat runs from 22 to 25th May in Caithness. Are you one of the 12 faces at the brunch? I hope so!  More details here.

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